Planet in Moolatrikona ( Equal to Exaltation ) = 45 Shashtiamsas.

Planet in Moolatrikona ( Equal to Exaltation ) = 45 Shashtiamsas.

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More times than not these events are more serious because people are not prepared to deal with them. Planet in Moolatrikona ( Equal to Exaltation ) = 45 Shashtiamsas Swavarga ( Own Varga ) = 30 Shashtiamsas Adhi Mitra Varga ( Bosom Friend's ) = 22.5 " Mitravarga ( Friends ) = 15 " Samavarga ( Neutral ) = 7.5 " Shatruvarga ( Inimical ) = 3.75 " Adhi Satruvarga ( Bitter inimical ) = 1.875 " Take a planet & examine its relationship with the Lords of the Sevenfold Division ( Saptavargas ) If in Rasi , if it occupies a Swavarga ( own Varga ), assign a value of 30 Shashtiamsas; simi- larly for all other Vargas, assign values based on the relationship which the planet bears to the divisional lords and you will get the Saptavargaja Bala or the planet's strength in the Sevenfold Division.

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